Elevate Reading Proficiency with High-Dosage Tutoring

Elevate Reading Proficiency with High-Dosage Tutoring

Recognizing the time constraints within classrooms and the need for extra academic support, district leaders and educators continuously search for evidence-based interventions to support the diverse needs of their students.

One intervention model gaining increasing attention is high-dosage tutoring.

Not all tutoring models are created equal, however. Let’s dive into the key components of an effective high-dosage tutoring program and which school district utilizes Just Right Reader Science of Reading Decodables for high-impact intervention.

What is high-dosage tutoring?

High-dosage, or high-impact tutoring, is an approach to intervention that provides a personalized learning path built upon a foundation of trust and consistency. It is meant to supplement core instruction and involves regularly scheduled sessions each week, consistent and strong relationships between students and their tutors, close monitoring of student knowledge and skills, instruction aligned with school curriculum, and oversight of tutors to assure quality teaching (Robinson & Loeb, 2021). 

A growing body of research suggests that this method of tutoring leads to significant learning gains for students and is an effective way to address learning setbacks, even those stemming from the pandemic.

What are the characteristics of high-dosage tutoring?


Sessions occur at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.


 One-on-one or small groups of 3-4 students.

Students learn with the same tutor throughout the school year to build a relationship of trust.

Tutors regularly participate in professional development.

Tutors use high-quality materials to supplement classroom curriculum, effective instructional practices, and frequent assessments to monitor student progress. Instruction is tailored to meet the specific needs of each student.

High-dosage tutoring is

  • Homework help
  • Sporadic and as-needed
  • Sessions with different tutors

Watch this 1-minute video from the National Student Support Accelerator for a concise explanation of high-dosage or high-impact tutoring.


Learn how a district in Georgia utilizes Just Right Reader Take-Home Decodables to accelerate reading achievement in their high-dosage tutoring program.

City Schools of Decatur district spotlight

Just Right Reader High-Dosage Tutoring

Just Right Reader transforms high-dosage tutoring programs by providing Science of Reading decodables and resources for impactful intervention.

High dosage tutor

Tutor Professional Development 
90 minute virtual sessions and self-paced courses equip tutors for rigorous implementation of Science of Reading Decodables.

Libraries & Resources for Tutors
Science of Reading decodables come with lesson plans, video lessons in English and Spanish, engaging activities, and more. 

Tutoring Packs for Students
Students work with their tutors each week, then take their packs of decodables home for additional practice.

Ready to learn more?

Learn how you can enhance your tutoring program with Science of Reading decodables and resources designed for high-impact intervention here.

Discover how to develop an effective high-dosage tutoring program in your district by visiting the National Student Support Accelerator website for:




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