Frequently Asked Questions

Making a Purchase

You can make a purchase directly from our website, or if you have a Purchase Order, you can fill out ouronline formor email it

If you are tax-exempt and are shipping to a state we collect tax from, please send your purchase request and tax-exempt certificate

Please email your request and tax-exempt certificate

Our website currently has no way to check for tax-exempt status. Please send your order to, and we will make you a tax-free invoice. Or you can purchase from our website, send us an email, and we can refund the tax.


Shipping is calculated as a percentage of your subtotal. For standard shipping, if your subtotal is less than $10,000, it’s calculated at 10%. If your subtotal is $10,000 or above, it’s 7%. For expedited shipping, it’s 20%. If you are shipping to Canada, it’s 20%. However if you are shipping to Hawaii or Alaska, please contact us at

When filling out ourPO submission form, you can enter in a message at the very bottom of the form, or you can Please be sure to include your invoice number or PO number.

Standard shipping will take 7-10 business days to ship and expedited shipping will take 3-5 business days to ship. Once it ships, it can take up to 4 business days to arrive.


Each library can be purchased as an individual bundle or class pack. Individual bundles come with one copy of each title. Class packs come with six copies of each title.

We no longer sell bundles. You can find our current products in ouronline catalog.

Please, and we’ll get that to you as soon as possible!

You can find more information on our Take-Home Decodables page. You can also schedule a meeting with a member of our team.

We currently have Skill Review Take-Home Packsavailable in Spanish, but we are currently working on the books for our Spanish decodable libraries, which will be available for purchase for the 2023-2024 school year

Unfortunately, we no longer offer the bundles, and, with the way our books are packaged at our new fulfillment center, we are unable to break the libraries apart for custom orders.

 Classroom libraries are what you typically think of when you are buying decodables – a set of books for classrooms, aligned with the grade level of the class.

Our Take-Home Packs take the same rigorous phonics content in a specially designed package for kids to take home to reinforce phonics learning. QR codes that link to a video phonics lesson on each decodable empower caretakers to reinforce the reading lessons taught in the classroom. Take-Home decodables can be personalized to the phonics skill level of each student in a classroom. 

Quotes & Paperwork

You can email your request toschools@justrightreader.comalong with your tax-exempt certificate.

You can email your request to

You can find both of those on our contact page.

Yes! Our vendor number is JUS891649.

We are a part of several purchasing co-ops. Please email schools@justrightreader.comto find out if we’re a part of a specific one.

The San Francisco address is our official address. The Dallas, Texas address is our remit and mailing address. Please send all POs and payments to the Dallas, Texas address.

Schools & Districts

You can find lesson plans, reading observation forms, guides and more on the Teacher Resources pageof our website.

Our decodables follow a rigorous phonics progression that is compatible with most phonics reading programs. Please see our Phonics Curriculum Alignment Charts.