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"If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

— Toni Morrison

Why people love us

My 5 year old went from not reading at all to sounding out words in a little over a month.

Rebecca, Mom to Aiden, Kindergartener

One set of books and one week of camp have transformed my child from a reluctant reader to a child who wants to show us what he can read. I can't wait to see how continuing with JRR will help him grow into a happy, eager, capable reader.

Meredith, Mom to Hudson, 1st Grade

My daughter is really starting to read. The reading box is an activity for us to do together and it has really given us something special for our relationship as well.

Hillary, Mom to Sally, Pre-K

We have plenty of books, so I wasn't planning to sign up... but we tried the "first box free" and I'm so glad we did! These aren't books you have at home, or that you can get from the library. Reading Boxes are designed specifically for new and emerging readers. Because the books are hand-chosen based on my daughter's interests and her reading level, she feels confident in her reading and happily goes back to them again and again. She can't wait for her next box of "Just Right" books, and we're so thankful for her new enthusiasm for reading!

Alison, Mom to Naomi, Kinder

My daughter’s reading blossomed with Just Right Reader. She gained an incredible amount of reading confidence which propelled her four reading levels within three weeks. She is now a confident, independent reader.

Dara, Mom to Margot, 1st grade

“Today a reader,
tomorrow a leader.”

– Margaret Fuller

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