High Dosage Tutoring

Science of Reading books and resources for high-impact intervention that accelerates reading achievement in tutoring programs.

3 Steps to Tutoring Success

Spanish Take-Home Decodables

1. Tutor Professional Development

Equip tutors for rigorous implementation of Science of Reading Decodables

  • 90 Minute Virtual Sessions:In this dynamic workshop, tutors will delve into the core principles of decoding using evidence-based strategies grounded in the science of reading.
  • Self-paced Course:This flexible and engaging course is designed to equip tutors with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively support students in decoding.
Spanish Take-Home Decodables
Spanish Take-Home Decodables
Spanish Take-Home Decodables

2. Libraries & Resources for Tutors

A library of real-life books for each tutor—with lesson plans and fun video lessons for every title to accelerate achievement.

Tutors use one book and ready-to-teach lesson plan per session.

Spanish Take-Home Decodables

3. Tutoring Packs for Students

11, 5, or 1 pack per student to meet your program’s needs.

Students work with their tutors each week, then take their packs of decodables home for additional practice.

Spanish Take-Home Decodables

We were looking for a turnkey solution for our most vulnerable population. Using the student-specific Take-Home Decodable Packs met the needs of each individual student. The Just Right Reader QR codes provided additional support to our instructional tutors.

Jennifer Burton

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

City Schools of Decatur