Our Story

Co-founders Guillemette & Sara

Just Right Reader was founded by two moms, Sara and Guillemette, who are passionate about kids, books, teaching and, most of all, making reading fun and accessible for all.

Sara has been a principal for more than 15 years, and she specializes in reading and literacy. And yet, a few years ago, her own daughter, Izzie, was struggling to read. This was a tough realization. So she went into full principal mom mode and created her own curriculum to accelerate Izzie’s reading level. She brought home Just Right books from school, tracked minutes read and awarded Izzie prizes for achieving reading goals. When Izzie conquered a reading level, Sara would determine her new level and start again. 

Reading became fun for Izzie! And now she reads a grade level above where she should be. Thus was born the idea for Just Right Reader. Sara and Guillemette teamed up to help other parents and Izzies in the world who just need someone to figure out their reading level and match them with Just Right books.

We provide parents and caregivers with the tools and tips to help their children learn to read and love it. Our mission is for all children to become Super Readers!