Accelerate Reading Achievement with Just Right Reader Spanish Decodables and Newcomer Packs

Accelerate Reading Achievement with Just Right Reader Spanish Decodables and Newcomer Packs

Spanish decodable books are valuable resources for supporting English Language Learners (ELLs), students in dual language programs, and Newcomer students of all ages. These Spanish books are not just tools for reading; they are pathways to greater language proficiency and reading achievement.

Use this guide to learn why Spanish decodables are essential for transforming student learning. Plus, learn how Just Right Reader's Newcomer Packs are perfect for Newcomers of all ages learning English.


Boost Reading Skills with Spanish Decodable Books

Decodable books, or decodable readers, play an important role in supporting beginning readers. They enhance reading development by providing structured practice in the phonics skills taught in school.

What are decodable books?

just right reader spanish decodable set

Decodable books are specifically crafted to highlight certain letter-sound relationships. They provide students with opportunities for targeted phonics practice in an authentic reading experience. For instance, a student mastering the 'bl' blend would read a decodable book concentrated on words with the 'bl' blend.  

High-quality decodable books include only phonetic patterns and high-frequency words that students have previously learned, ensuring the text is accessible to beginning readers.

Why are decodable books important?

Practicing a new skill is essential for mastery, and reading is no exception. Students benefit from guided practice in reading words, not just in isolation but within connected text. Decodable readers allow learners to apply the skills they are learning skills in a meaningful and authentic context.

 Watch these short research clips for more about the importance of decodables:

 Dr. Laura Tortorelli, Associate Professor at Michigan State University [0:33]

Dr. Ray Ruetzel, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for the School of the Future [1:04]

Spanish Decodable Books Support Reading Development

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  • Foundational Skills Practice: Decodable books provide opportunities for students to practice decoding words in both Spanish and English, helping them become more confident readers by mastering foundational skills..

  • Vocabulary Development:  Spanish decodable books help students learn new words in a structured way, allowing them to build their vocabulary knowledge and, in turn, strengthen comprehension.

  • Fluency Practice:  Regular practice with decodable books improves fluency. As students become more familiar with the phonics patterns, their reading becomes more fluent. 


Support English Language Learners and Dual Language Learners with Just Right Reader Spanish Decodable Books

spanish take-home decodable packs
  • Written by native Spanish speakers for an authentic reading experience
  • Supportbilingual and dual language programs
  • Based on alphabetic principles and phonological knowledge specific to the Spanish language
  • Aligned to a rigorous phonics progression specific to the Spanish language 
  • Relatable stories and vibrant illustrations keep kids engaged in reading

How to Effectively Implement Just Right Reader Spanish Decodable Books

just right reader spanish progression chart

To maximize the benefits ofSpanish decodables, use the following strategies:

  • Read our  Complete Guide to Decodables for an in-depth look at decodable books and why they are critical for teaching reading.  

  • Use the  Just Right Reader Teacher Resources, including curriculum alignment charts, implementation guides, and lesson plans for each decodable book.

  • Use the QR codes on Just Right Reader Decodables to access engaging videos that reinforce the phonics skill in each book.
  • Extend learning beyond the classroom by encouraging parents and caregivers to support reading development at home and on the go. Read our blog post,  Reading Tips for Parents: A Guide for Educators, for tips on communicating the importance of reading at home. 


Learn how you can accelerate biliteracy reading achievement in your district. 

Find Just Right Reader Spanish Decodables onThe Reading League’s Decodable Text Resources Listing.


Welcome Newcomer Students and Families to Your District

Just Right Reader supports districts and schools in welcoming Newcomer students and their families by providing research-backed books and resources to build foundational literacy skills at any age. 

  • Board Book School Readiness Packs, for ages 0-3, are aligned to developmental milestones to build literacy skills in the first 3 years of life.
  • Elementary School Readiness Packs, for Pre-K to 5th-grade students, aim to build a strong literacy foundation in English through activities focused on letter recognition and blending letter sounds.
  • Middle School & High School Decodable Packs, perfect for Newcomers of all ages learning English, provide multiple entry points to support each student at their current stage of literacy development.

Support literacy development in your district with Newcomer Packs. 

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