30 Science of Reading Resources You Should Know About

30 Science of Reading Resources You Should Know About

When it comes to effectively teaching students to read, having the right tools is essential. 

We’ve curated a list of mostly FREE Science of Reading resources developed to enrich your understanding of what the research reveals and which instructional strategies accelerate achievement both in classrooms and at-home.

Before we dive into the resources, let’s review.

TheScience of Reading is a body of scientifically based research studies conducted over several decades. These studies aimed to understandhow students learn to read and identify thebest practices for effective instruction.


Science of Reading Resources

Please note that the following list is not necessarily an endorsement of Just Right Reader, but rather a starting point for further learning and exploration.

Just Right Reader

Science of Reading Symposiums

Attend a virtual symposium led by literacy experts and school districts to learn the latest research strategies that raise achievement for all students.

Science of Reading Blog

Read about the latest literacy research, tips for teaching reading, and how districts are striving to increase reading achievement nationwide. 

Just Right Reader YouTube Channel

Watch Science of Reading symposiums and webinars, research snippets from leading literacy experts, Science of Reading Leadership podcast episodes, and more. 



Professional Books and eBooks

Toolkits, Tutorials, and Learning Modules

Blogs and Articles


Tools to Evaluate Curriculum and Resources

High-Dosage Tutoring



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