Tips for Teachers to Promote Reading at Home

Tips for Teachers to Promote Reading at Home

As educators, we know that literacy development doesn’t start and stop in the classroom. Extending reading practices into students' homes is crucial to reinforce skills learned at school. 

Talking to parents about reading at home is important to help improve their children's reading skills. 

Why It's Important for Parents to Read With Their Children

family reading together

Studies have proven that when parents actively participate in their children's education, especially in reading, it significantly improves academic success.

Recognizing their important role in their child's reading development motivates parents to engage in reading activities with their child at home.

Reading together at home:

  • strengthens reading skills
  • promotes language development
  • nurtures a love of reading
  • promotes social-emotional development
  • strengthens family bonds

Educators can support parents by providing them with information and tools to create a learning experience that extends beyond the classroom. 


Tips for Educators Communicating with Parents: Best Practices

When reaching out to parents about reading at home, it's important to communicate clearly and positively.

Here are a few strategies:

  • Give parents a guide on the benefits of reading at home and how to make the most of family reading time.View these one page resources from Reading Rockets
  • If your school hosts family literacy nights, encourage families to attend. 
  • Send regular updates to inform parents how their child is doing in phonics and what they are learning in the classroom. This will help parents support their child's reading at home.

5 Reading Tips for Parents

Here are five helpful tips to share with parents about using decodable books and promoting reading at home.

1. Create a Regular Reading Routine

Establishing a consistent daily reading time is one of the most effective ways to build reading skills. Choose a set time every day to read. This could be after school, before or after dinner, or as part of the bedtime routine.

2. Engage in the Reading Process

Parents should be active participants during reading time. This means sitting with the child, emphasizing words, and discussing the story. Ask questions like, “What do you think will happen next?” or “Why did the character do that?” to improve comprehension and critical thinking.

3. Praise Efforts, Not Just Success

Parents should praise their child’s effort, not just their ability to read fluently. This helps kids develop a positive mindset towards reading and feel confident about learning.

4. Use Decodables to Reinforce Learning

Decodable books, or decodable readers, are crucial in supporting developing readers. They boost reading confidence and achievement by providing structured practice of the phonics skills they’re learning in class.

Read More

Read our Decodables Guide to learn more about the impact of using decodable books. 

Just Right Reader Take-Everywhere Decodable Packs
extend phonics instruction into the home by providing personalized practice for each student. Parents can use these books to help their child practice the phonics skills they are learning in school.

Each decodable contains a QR codes linking to a short phonics video that reinforces skills from the book. This tool is perfect for families to watch and learn alongside their child.  

family reading time

5. Make Reading Fun and Interactive

Recommend that parents vary the reading materials and make reading fun. This could involve using different voices for characters. It could also mean finding more books on topics the child enjoys. Creating a cozy reading nook can make reading enjoyable and memorable. 

What makes Just Right Reader Decodables special?

“When children have a diet ofhigh-quality decodable texts, they will read more accurately and fluently because they have been given the opportunity to do that.” - Dr. Heidi Messmer, Professor of Literacy Education at Virginia Tech 

With extensiveClassroom Libraries andTake-Home Packs, students have many opportunities to practice their decoding skills in engaging, connected text, which allows them to become strong readers. 


just right reader take home packs

Our Decodables feature:

  • An extensive library of 700+ titles 
  • Engaging and relatable stories with diverse characters 
  • Research-based, rigorous phonics scope and sequence that aligns to all phonics programs and curriculums 
  • QR codes that link to memorable video lessons in English and Spanish
  • Personalized Take-Everywhere Decodable Packs that extend phonics practice from school into homes

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