Science of Reading Laws: 2022 Virginia Literacy Act

Beginning with Mississippi, states across America are passing laws requiring districts to implement the Science of Reading into their schools. These policies vary between states. Some, such as California’s, focus on professional development at the university level. Others, like Michigan’s, require schools to rework curriculums to provide extra help for struggling readers. Each state is hoping to see improvements similar to how Mississippi improved the proficiency of 4th grade readers in the last two years. 

Fig. 1

United States Map with Science of Reading Laws

How States Approach Reading Instruction.

Accelerating Achievement in Virginia  

Recently, Just Right Reader was announced as a new senior partner for the Virginia Association of School Superintendents (VASS)! With established cooperative RFPs in Virginia, it is easy to purchase our Science of Reading decodables, accelerate reading achievement, and meet the requirements under the 2022 Virginia Literacy ActThe Act requires:

“core literacy instruction based in scientifically based reading research and evidence-based literacy instruction for students in kindergarten through grade three.”

Schools are also required to provide resources to encourage family involvement and support literacy development at home. 

Our Science of Reading decodables bridge the gap between classroom and in-home learning by offering Take-Home Decodable Packs. Each decodable has a QR code linking to a phonics lesson in Spanish and English. These were created for caregivers to have an accessible, easy way to participate in their child’s reading journey. We’re excited to help districts fulfill their state Science of Reading laws with decodables that are made to support literacy growth in every context.

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