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Accelerate reading achievement with Science of Reading decodable books. Relatable stories, diverse characters, and colorful illustrations engage every student as they learn to read. 

Research Based Decodables

Accelerate reading achievement with over 700+ decodables mapped to a rigorous phonics progression in English and Spanish.

5 Things That Make Our Decodables Special

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Our decodables are skillfully crafted so that kids from diverse backgrounds can see themselves reflected in the first stories they read. Every story is highly decodable and we personalize the program to fit each child's reading needs.

Built for family engagement, Just Right Decodables give families tools to be partners in their child’s literacy. Each book includes phonics tips and a video phonics lesson to help guide parents and readers.

Our kindergarten and early 1st grade texts are all at least 80% or more decodable. Our mid-1st grade texts and onward are approximately 80% decodable as they contain new and exciting vocabulary words for students to explore!

A. Decodable words: Words that only include sound-spelling relationships that a child has already learned. Every story is carefully crafted around children’s knowledge about blending sounds together.

B. High-Frequency-Words: Specific words children have learned that are highly frequent in texts (e.g. like, here, and said).

Decodable Words All Words in Text = Decodability %

Our decodable texts can be connected to a knowledge-building curriculum, common grade-level content, or an authentic storyline.

All of these features aim to create a reading experience for readers in which they can experience reading success within a relevant, meaningful context.

Free Decodable Book Samples

Phonics Scope and Sequence

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is a decodable text?

Decodable texts use words that students can decode based on their knowledge of letter sounds and phonemes. The texts progress with the student as new phonics skills are learned.

Why decodable books?

When children are only able to read half the words in a book, they often become frustrated and can develop poor reading habits such as guessing at words. Our decodable readers follow a systematic progression, so phonics skills are taught linearly and build on one another.

What sets us apart?

Just Right decodable books offer rich stories that show diverse characters in relatable, engaging stories while teaching students to make direct connections between phonics and word analysis skills and helping them decode unfamiliar words. Through our decodable texts, students can develop good reading habits and a lifelong love of reading.