Sara Shenkan-Rich


Transforming Student Learning through the Science of Reading

Join us on this illuminating journey as we dive into the heart of reading instruction innovation with Sara Shenkan-Rich, the visionary at the helm of Just Right Reader, in our latest Science of Reading Leadership podcast. Sara brings fervor to the table that's as infectious as it is inspiring, focusing our discussion on research's pivotal role in guiding instructional methodologies to spur student success.

Her philosophy is simple yet profound: anchor teaching strategies in the bedrock of scientific inquiry and learning theory to propel student learning forward. Sara takes us behind the scenes of crafting top-tier decodable books, meticulously designed from the ground up—books that don't just teach but also enchant, thanks to the concerted efforts of educators' insights and the innovative use of QR codes for a dynamic, interactive reading experience.

Just Right Reader's perpetual growth and adaptability ethos shine through. It's a tale of a company with its ear to the ground, swiftly pivoting to meet the changing tides of educational needs, all while keeping the flame of student interest alight. Their mission is two-fold: crafting educational tools that resonate with and captivate young minds and forging a strong alliance with the educator and researcher community to ensure their offerings are impactful and a delight to use.

Throughout our conversation, it's clear that Just Right Reader isn't just in the business of developing reading materials—it's reimagining the educational landscape, one student at a time, with a laser focus on bridging the chasms of opportunity. Tune in to discover how they're not only changing how children learn to read but also transforming the joy and ease with which they do so.



[00:01:49] Promoting reading instruction through science and collaboration.

[00:05:58] Podcast shares innovation in reading achievement products.

[00:09:52] Creating products based on child-focused research.

[00:13:16] Focusing on the journey, serving kids, making decisions.

[00:14:16] Expanding Spanish children's books for stronger readers.


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