Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Decodable Books

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Decodable Books

 Hispanic Heritage Month takes place each year from September 15th-October 15th. It's a time to celebrate the countless achievements, contributions, vibrant cultures and heritages of Hispanic and Latin American people throughout history.

Just Right Reader Spanish Decodables offer a unique way for students to celebrate Hispanic culture and traditions during Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond. Explore traditions, memorable experiences, and even learn about geography and famous landmarks as students practice their decoding skills in an authentic reading experience!

Five Just Right Reader books to read during Hispanic Heritage Month

Spanish Decodable Books that Celebrate Hispanic Culture and Countries

Hagamos una piñata book coverHagamos una piñata
Dive into the world of piñata making, a cherished Hispanic tradition that recognizes craftsmanship and creativity.

Phonics skill: Three-syllable words that use the letters m, p, s, or l
Click here to read this decodable. 



La Fiesta de la Vendimia decodable coverLa Fiesta de la Vendimia
Join a vineyard adventure during the grape harvest festival, emphasizing community, agriculture traditions, and gratitude. 

Phonics skill: Two-syllable words with the V/CVC pattern
Click here to read this decodable



 La Feria de las Flores decodable coverLa Feria de las Flores
Experience the beauty of flower festivals in Colombia and the importance of preserving nature.

Phonics skill: syllables fl and p
Click here to read this decodable.



Vacaciones en Mexico decodable coverVacaciones en Mexico 
Travel to Mexico, introducing young readers to the country's rich culture and landmarks.

Phonics skill: The sounds of x
Click here to read this decodable.



El baile de quince decodable coverEl baile de quince
Explore the quinceañera tradition, celebrating family, community, and the transition to adulthood.

Phonics Skill: words with b and v
Click here to read this decodable.



Let's make this month a journey of discovery and celebration through the magic of Spanish decodable readers! Learn more about decodable readers and how they can accelerate achievement in an authentic and engaging reading experience. 

Just Right Reader Spanish Decodable Books

  • Written by native Spanish speakers for an authentic reading experience
  • Supportbilingual and dual language programs
  • Based on alphabetic principles and phonological knowledge specific to the Spanish language
  • Aligned to arigorous phonics progression specific to the Spanish language 
  • Feature relatable stories, diverse characters, and colorful illustrations

Learn more about supporting your Dual Language Learners 

Click here to schedule a call with our team for an in-depth preview of our Spanish decodables. We can’t wait to partner with you! 

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