Back-To-School Books to Enhance Your Reading Program

Back-To-School Books to Enhance Your Reading Program

The start of a new school year is a perfect time for teachers and school leaders to try out new strategies to enhance students' learning.

Consider adding decodable books to your literacy instruction to help improve early reading skills and set a strong foundation for future learning. 

The Importance of Decodable Books in Effective Literacy Instruction

Just Right Reader Decodable Books

What Are Decodables?

Developing readers use decodable books to apply their phonics knowledge in a structured way. These texts contain phonetically controlled words, meaning students can decode most words based on the phonics patterns they already know. This helps students become better readers by giving them additional practice in decoding skills authentically.

How and When Do I Use Decodables in My Classroom? 


  • During or after a new phonics lesson 
  • In small groups or independent practice
  • To review previously taught skills
  • At home for extra reinforcement


Why Should I Use Decodables in the Back-to-School Season?

Student learning in class

Introducing decodable books at the start of the academic year sets the tone for a literacy-focused curriculum.

Teachers should include decodable books in their back-to-school plans for several key reasons:

  1. Build Foundational Skills: Decodable books reinforce essential phonics and reading skills, helping students grasp the basics of reading effectively.

  2. Boost Confidence: Decodable books are a great way to practice phonics skills students have already learned, which helps boost confidence through successful independent reading experiences.

  3. Engagement: With engaging stories, decodable books make reading enjoyable and help foster a positive attitude towards learning at the start of the school year.

Using decodable books early on supports a structured approach to reading that builds skills, assesses and reinforces learning, and engages students effectively.

Read our article for some fun back-to-school reading ideas. 

2 Tips for Implementing Decodables in Your School

Start Small

Just Right Reader resources

You don't need to overhaul your entire reading program to see the benefits of decodable books. Start by including them in your existing plan as additional reading materials for small groups or as part of your intervention plan.

Training and Professional Development

Just Right Reader provides support not only through our online teacher resources portal but also through professional development opportunities. Equip your teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to use decodable books effectively in the classroom.

Use Just Right Reader Decodables in English and Spanish for Back-to-School

Student Reading Just Right Reader decodables

Backed by Science

Just Right Reader Decodables are developed using the Science of Reading research, follow a rigorous phonics progression, and align with your phonics program.

Stories That Reflect Students' Lives

Just Right Reader takes pride in creating books that reflect the diversity of student experiences and backgrounds. Relatable stories and diverse characters boosts engagement and makes the reading experience enjoyable for students.

Tools for Teachers and Resources for Families

We offer a variety of resources to ensure effective implementation of decodable books. These resources include Getting Started Guides, videos, full lesson plans, and teacher materials for each decodable. 

Every decodable has a QR code that links to a fun video reinforcing the phonics skills taught in the book. This feature is popular in classroom and also helps families at home during the back-to-school transition.

Ready to Transform Your Reading Curriculum?

Developed with leading literacy experts, our libraries are the perfect supplement to structured phonics instruction.

Just Right Reader Take-Home Packs
Just Right Reader Classroom Libraries and Take-Home Decodable Packs feature:


  • An extensive library of 750+ titles in English and Spanish
  • Explicit phonics instruction in every book
  • Lesson plans for every title that are perfect for small groups
  • 2-minute video lessons reinforce phonics skills in English and Spanish
  • Engaging and relatable stories with diverse characters 
  • Research-based, rigorous phonics scope and sequence that aligns to all phonics programs and curriculums 
  • Personalized Take-Home Decodable Packs that extend phonics practice from school into homes
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