Achievement Spotlight: Aligning the Science of Reading to Phonics Curriculum in the Classroom

Achievement Spotlight: Aligning the Science of Reading to Phonics Curriculum in the Classroom

With Just Right Reader’s Science of Reading decodables, Sabra Perkins, a Reading Specialist at Monaco Elementary, is helping students accelerate their reading achievement. Read our interview with Sabra below.

Question: How do you use phonics and decodables to help struggling readers?

Answer: "For struggling readers, we focus on phonics instruction. This is extremely important but it's no good unless students can apply it to an actual book.

Just Right Reader is amazing because their Science of Reading decodables align to our phonics curriculum so the kids can actually read them! Often they don’t realize they can read the decodables until I say, “look you know this.” They’re always shocked and excited when they realize that they can actually read."


Question: What do you like most about Just Right Reader’s decodables? 

Answer: "I really like our phonics program but the problem is there are no stories. They do have decodable passages you can use, but they are pretty hard for first graders, which are where most of my kids are. I’ve been looking for a specific type of supplemental resource for my program because it’s very sequential. It starts with letters, like short and long vowels, then CVC words, and then first grade is all about digraphs. Just Right Reader follows that same progression, making it really easy to align with my program. It's just perfect! It’s really been that missing piece that I was looking for with this program. 

I also love the little lesson plans in the back of each decodable and the way that the stories focus on people. This really helps the kids relate to the books. Most phonics-based books lack engaging stories and characters, but these are very diverse and represent all of my students, which is my favorite part."

Question: Are there any moments from using decodables with your students that stick out to you?

Answer: "It's just the fact that they’ll beg to read them. They often come to me and ask to take the books to their classroom to read with their friends. There was also one girl who often came in to help me in the morningsshe’s a third grader who struggles with dyslexiaand she stared at one of the decodables. I asked, "why don’t you read that?" She said “oh, I can't read'' but I encouraged her to try. At first she was a little nervous, but then was thrilled to discover she read the book!

She was able to read it because she used phonics from class and applied it to real books. I frequently see kids who think they can't read, but once they start, they realize that they actually can and they are just so happy!"

With 700+ decodable titles, Just Right Reader’s Take-Home Decodable Packs and Classroom Libraries are made to align to all phonics programs and curriculum, making it easy for educators to implement the Science of Reading and decodables into their classrooms! Find out how your district and students can accelerate reading achievement with Science of Reading Decodables here—available in both Spanish and English!

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