How Can Public Libraries Boost Literacy with Decodables?

How Can Public Libraries Boost Literacy with Decodables?

Public libraries play a vital role in developing literacy and fostering a community's love for reading.

Offering decodable books not only aids in increasing foundational reading skills but also ensures that all young learners have access to the resources they need to become proficient readers.

We answer commonly asked questions about the Science of Reading research, decodable books, and why public libraries need them.

What is the Science of Reading?

The Science of Reading is a collection of research studies conducted over decades to understand how students learn to read. These findings guide literacy instruction, ensuring high-quality teaching and successful reading experiences for students.

To clarify, experts stress that the Science of Reading is not:

  • A single, specific component of instruction, such as phonics
  • A program or intervention you can purchase
  • A fad, trend, or new concept
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Learn more about the Science of Reading.


Which states have Science of Reading Laws?

As of April 2024, 38 states and the District of Columbia have established laws and policies that support evidence-based reading practices in schools. These laws address topics such as instructional materials, teacher training and certification, and assessment and intervention methods.

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Use our interactive map to learn which states have Science of Reading legislation. 


What are decodable books? 

Decodable books

Decodable books, also known as decodable readers, are vital in supporting beginning readers. They enhance reading confidence and success by offering structured practice in phonics skills learned in class, all within engaging and colorful stories.

Decodable books are designed to concentrate on specific letter-sound relationships. For example, a student learning the 'oo' vowel team would practice by reading a decodable that focuses on words containing 'oo.' High-quality decodable books include only the phonetic codes and high-frequency words that students have mastered, ensuring the texts are completely decodable for beginners.

This targeted practice centers around what the student is learning or reviewing. That way, students have many opportunities to practice their developing literacy skills, which research shows are a critical component of reading success.

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Read our complete guide to decodable books.



Why do public libraries need decodable books?

Public libraries are key in supporting education and helping young readers flourish.

Incorporating decodable books that align with the Science of Reading into collections is beneficial for several reasons beyond supporting foundational reading skills.

Student reading at the library

Accessibility and Inclusion
Including decodable books in library collections ensures that children have access to high-quality materials needed for becoming proficient readers.

Decodable books are particularly beneficial for diverse learners, including those with learning differences like dyslexia. Research shows that targeted phonics-based interventions, which are facilitated by decodable books, can significantly improve the reading abilities of students with learning difficulties (Wanzek et al., 2006). 

Support for Diverse Learning Stages
These books cater to readers at various stages of literacy development, providing appropriate resources for everyone, from emergent readers to more advanced readers.

family reading together

Family Engagement
Decodable books empower caregivers to actively participate in their children's literacy journey. They provide a clear structure for parents to assist their children in practicing reading at home. This strengthens the partnerships between the library and community. Just Right Reader Decodables contain QR codes linking to memorable video phonics lessons, making family reading time more interactive and enjoyable.

Educational Consistency

By aligning library collections with academic standards and research-backed practices, libraries reinforce what students learn in school. This consistency helps to build a more solid foundation for literacy.

Frequent Family Trips to the Library
Offering resources that support instruction classrooms can draw more visitors to the library. Families might visit more regularly if they know the library has tools that directly support their children's academic needs.

father and son reading

Community Support
The inclusion of decodable books in public libraries benefits the whole community. These high-quality  reading materials are accessible to community members, helping to bridge educational gaps, particularly in under-resourced areas. This ensures that all children, regardless of their circumstances, have the tools to succeed in reading. 


Bring Just Right Reader Decodables to Your Library

Grounded in the Science of Reading research and mapped to a rigorous phonics progression, Just Right Reader Decodables provide students numerous opportunities to practice foundational reading skills in an engaging and authentic reading experience. 

student with Just Right Reader Decodables
  • Structured Phonics Support: Each Just Right Reader decodable focuses on the phonics patterns students are learning or have already learned. This targeted approach helps improve their reading skills, boosting their confidence and fostering a love of reading.

  • Engaging and Diverse Stories: Just Right Reader decodables feature diverse characters, colorful illustrations, and relatable stories that capture students' imaginations and keep them engaged.

  • QR Code for Phonics Lessons: Each decodable contains a QR code that links to video phonics lessons in English and Spanish. These lessons are designed to reinforce the phonics skills learned in the decodable, providing additional practice and support, perfect for family engagement. To access the lessons, simply scan the QR code with a smartphone or tablet.


Just Right Reader Board Books for infants and Decodables for grades pre-K-5 turn family reading time into a fun and valuable experience, enriching literacy skills across age groups.

Just Right Reader Decodables

Our Science of Reading Decodables feature:

  • 750+ titles in English and Spanish
  • Engaging and relatable stories with diverse characters and vibrant illustrations that motivate students to keep reading
  • Research-based, rigorous phonics scope and sequence that aligns to all phonics programs and curriculums 
  • QR codes that link to memorable video lessons in English and Spanish

Just Right Reader Board Books

Our Board Books feature:

  • Research-backed books aligned to your Early Learning Standards
  •  Vibrant illustrations and engaging stories based on developmental milestones
  • Bite-sized tips, baby sign language, and videos for caregivers with every title
  • Learning Together Guides equip caregivers with easy tips and fun ideas for their child’s journey to literacy.



Just Right Reader Sample

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