How Syracuse is Raising Reading Achievement with Decodables


At Just Right Reader, we believe that when students want to read, their achievement rises! This is why we are thrilled to play our part in Syracuse City School District’s new Book Buddies program recently highlighted by Spectrum Local News (article here)

The program aims to raise district reading scores and get kids excited about reading by bringing volunteers into the classroom to read with students! In the image above, a volunteer is using one of our Science of Reading decodables with a student! With over 400 decodable titles, we have a variety for classrooms to use, each filled with colorful illustrations and diverse characters that represent students in America's schools.

“You can see the kids develop and gain a love of reading” - Tony Fair, Volunteer

These engaging stories, brought together with the encouragement of a supportive buddy, are helping these young readers to develop a lifelong passion for reading!

Interested in adding our Science of Reading decodables into your school’s reading programs? Send us an email at

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