2nd Grade Decodables

  • Target skills: vowel teams, diphthongs, trigraphs, multi-sound consonants, final stable syllables, and suffixes
  • Access to over 50+ classroom and caregiver resources
  • Video phonics lesson and research-based literacy activities with every title
Pack Size: Starter Library (10 titles)
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2nd Grade Decodables
Our 2nd grade decodables focus on vowel teams, diphthongs, final stable syllables, and suffixes to lead to strong, confident readers.

Rigorous Phonics Progression
We worked with leading literacy experts to develop a phonics progression that aligns to all phonics programs and curriculums. Perfect for small group instruction and independent reading, our decodables offer structured phonics practice that leads to reading success for every student.

Support for Educators and Caregivers
We know that the caring adults in a child's life play a crucial role in their reading journey. Every Just Right Reader title comes with ready-to-go resources and practical guidance. Free professional development with Science of Reading researchers and over 50+ resources in English and Spanish equip educators, families, and caregivers to support every student to experience reading success.

What Researchers Are Saying About Our Decodables