Writing Classes

Writing Classes

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Watch your child come alive as a writer in our Writing Classes! These weekly virtual classes of up to 5-6 students are the targeted literacy instruction your kid needs for their writing confidence to take off. 

Tailoring each class to the group’s interests, our renowned teachers masterfully create a fun and engaging curriculum that leaves kids eagerly anticipating the next class. Our teachers have the magic touch (and decades of experience) to spark your child’s creativity and boost their writing skills!

Check out our incredible options:

  • ✍️Poetry - write a poem that makes you smile
  • 🙋‍♀️AmericanGirl - write a new adventure for your AmericanGirl
  • 🧙‍♂️Write Like Harry Potter - create a Hogwarts story, complete with all the little magical details of the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world!
  • ⚡️Lightning Thief - dive deep into the world of half-bloods, gods and goddesses with Percy Jackson! 
  • 🐕 Dogman + Pokemon - develop your own Superhero characters and write an adventure. 

About the Class: 

  • 50-Minute classes with 5 - 6 students.
  • $260 per child, per month (4 classes per month).
  • Cancel at any time.
  • Classes at 1PM and 4PM (PST) Monday - Friday

*Classes available any day upon request!

How it works

Sign up for your virtual writing class (& invite your friends!)

Your child connects with our expert teacher and embraces their inner writer.

Your child can confidently write, write, write...and PUBLISH!

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