1st Grade Bundle 1

1st Grade Bundle 1 (Levels E-I)

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1st Grade books come with built-in family engagement! Each book includes reading tips to make it easy for parents and caretakers to support readers and a QR code to scan to watch a book introduction by one of our expert teachers! 

Titles included:

  • Snow Leopards (E, 8)
  • Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
  • Bath Time
  • Jayden and Snake and the Cold Day
  • Chloe the Copycat Goes to School
  • Sofia's Birthday
  • Tank Wants To Play
  • Gia Goes to the Fair
  • Tug and Friends at school (F, 8)
  • Jayden and Snake Fly a Kite
  • Too Much Pizza
  • Gia's Homework
  • Kat Goes To The Store T
  • ea for Tug and Jayla
  • The Red Shirt
  • Chloe the Copycat Goes out to Eat
  • The Broken Computer (G, 7)
  • A Fair Game Kat and Flamingo Have a Snow Day
  • Kat's Book
  • The Missing Toys
  • Fin Finds a Friend
  • The Fort
  • Who Am I? (Forest Animals) (H, 6)
  • Mae Jemison
  • Gia Goes to the Zoo
  • Little Ninja and the Hamster
  • The Chase
  • A New Friend
  • Ballet (I, 5)
  • Student of the year
  • Penny's Toys
  • Saving Chip
  • The Missing Tooth

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