Just Right Reader for Districts, Schools, and Educators

How Districts, Schools, and Teachers Are Using Just Right Reader

Take-Home Decodable Boxes

Provide families and students with over 120 take-home decodables within each students’ reading range. Families love the phonics lessons in Spanish and English included with each decodable.

Classroom Libraries

Weave decodables into your classroom libraries.
Support your early readers with books that students can see themselves reflected in.

Summer School Expansion 

Get more students into summer school by sending home our Family Literacy Boxes each week.

Small Group Intervention 

Purchase our decodables in class packs of 6 to work with students in small groups for reading and phonics support.

Over 30,000+ Take-Home
Decodable Boxes delivered
to students and families!

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Diverse Characters

Our main characters are kids who reflect the diversity in our schools. We work hard to tell the everyday stories of kids’ lives.

Laugh Out-Loud Stories

The more you laugh, the more you read so we worked hard to make our stories funny.

Phonics Lessons in Spanish and English

On the back of each book is a QR code that families and kids can scan and watch an interactive + engaging reading lesson in Spanish and English.

Rigorous Phonics Progression

All of our science of reading decodables follow a research based phonics program with a wide range of books within each phonics skill set.

What is a
decodable text? 

Decodable texts are texts that only contain phonetic code that students have already learned, which means that students can read every single word presented to them. 

What School Districts, Teachers, and Principals Say

“As our district began the process of searching for decodable readers, we placed a priority on quality texts which aligned with the skills our students were learning in the classroom. We also wanted to ensure the books would be culturally relevant and engaging to help develop and build their love of reading. Just Right Readers checked all of those boxes and more!”

Ryan Bruder

Executive Director of Instruction
Dexter Community Schools

“After buying a Take-Home Decodable Boxes for my own daughter, I just had to buy them for the kids in our schools.”

Teresa Shipp

Director, Curriculum and Instruction
San Francisco Unified School District

“I love the decodable readers from JRR because they allow students to grow as readers with engaging, entertaining books that reflect diverse characters and life experiences. Additionally, this systematic approach helps every student experience a feeling of success and accomplishment.”

Breanna Fulton

Assistant Principal Prodeo

“These decodables are helping my kids becomestronger readers. I love that my students can see themselves in the books, and I love that there’s a Spanish reading lesson in every book for parents.”

Rhodes Guerrero

PS 8
New York City Board of Education

Save Big with Bundles for Your Classroom Library

Decodable Books for Grade 1 or 1st grade, Pre 1 Reader, Kindergarten readers

Decodable Books for Grade 1 or 1st grade, Pre 1 Reader, Kindergarten readers

Decodable Books for Grade 1 or 1st grade, Pre 1 Reader, Kindergarten readers

Decodable Readers for 2nd Grade and 1st Grade readers

2nd Grade Decodables