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What Makes Just Right Decodables So Special?

Hear from Just Right Reader's founder, Sara Rich!

LEARN MORECVC Decodable Books for Kindergarten Readers

Family Literacy Boxes with Decodables, Family Engagement for all readers

Family Literacy Boxes

A School District favorite! Explore take home kits that kids and teachers love to use!

LEARN MOREDecodable Books for Grade 1 and Pre 1

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Save Big with Bundles for Your Classroom Library

Decodable Books for Grade 1 or 1st grade, Pre 1 Reader, Kindergarten readers

Decodable Books for Grade 1 or 1st grade, Pre 1 Reader, Kindergarten readers

Decodable Books for Grade 1 or 1st grade, Pre 1 Reader, Kindergarten readers

Decodable Readers for 2nd Grade and 1st Grade readers

2nd Grade Decodables

I'm proud to be an illustrator for Just Right Reader.
For diverse groups of children, representation and visibility in books promotes a love of reading and healthy self-images.

- Jazmine, Just Right Reader Illustrator

What is a
decodable text? 

Decodable texts are texts that only contain phonetic code that students have already learned, which means that students can read every single word presented to them. 

Our Teachers Are Ready to Start on Monday

Experienced, credentialed, and proven to accelerate learninG

  • Just Right Teachers are experts at connecting with students and accelerating learning
  • Our teachers are all fingerprinted and ready to provide instructional minutes virtually or in-person
  • We have special educationteachers too!
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Family Literacy Boxes

Designed by award-winning educators

Each box contains:

  • 10 Decodables matched to students' reading bands
  • Texts featuring diverse characters in funny, everyday stories
  • Family engagement resources, e.g. e-reading lessons, how-to guides reading strategy tips
  • Lots of fun to get students excited about reading!
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By sending Family Literacy Boxes, we kept kids reading and loving it!
And when the decodable books arrived each week, families knew we cared about them. Win for everyone.

- Monica, English Language Arts Director