1st Grade Bundle 2

1st Grade Bundle 2 (Levels E-I)

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Pack Includes 34 titles:

  • Just Like Me (E7)
  • Chloe the Copycat Goes to Virtual School
  • Puppy Gets a Name
  • Kat Wants A Dog
  • Enzo and Tank
  • Kat and Flamingo at the Beach
  • Happy Birthday, Enzo!

  • Tank's New Friend (F8)
  • Little Ninja Kickball Game
  • Squirrels
  • The Best Pet
  • Jayden Snake and The Lost Ring
  • CopyCat Goes Out to Eat
  • Little Ninja Kickball game
  • Go, Bots, Go!

  • Uranus (G8)
  • Whale of a Problem 
  • Alex Plays a Video Game
  • Fin and Plop’s Week
  • Show and Share
  • The Picnic Guest
  • Little Ninja the Star
  • By The Ocean

  • The Pelican Problem (H6)
  • Jaya Saves the Baby Seal 
  • All About Sharks
  • A New Friend (Horizontal)
  • Stomp's New Friend
  • More Snacks

  • Do I Have To? (I5)
  • Running Late
  • Tug and Jayla's Fun Adventures
  • Dress Up Days
  • Basketball (24 pages)

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