What Is a Word Wall?

Just Right Reader subscriptions come with a reading kit that includes sight words appropriate to your child’s grade and tools to build a ring of word flashcards.  Your child should work on memorizing their sight words. We recommend 3 new words each week and the word wall is a great place to add them and make learning interactive and fun. 

What Is a Word Wall?

A word wall is a collection of sight words which are displayed in large visible letters on a wall, bulletin board, or other display surface in your home. The word wall is designed to be an interactive tool for your child. 

Why use a word wall?

Provide a place to post sight words that have already been taught. Your child can use the words as a reference during reading and writing, making them more independent while teaching them how to use a reference tool.

Help students see patterns and differences in words. Having the words the, they, their, and there together on the wall helps students recognize the similarities and differences between each word.

Make words concrete for young learners as they find words on the word wall using their finger or a pointer.

How do I make a good word wall?

Place the word wall in an area of your home that is visible and accessible and use a dark background to make the words stand out.

Organize high frequency words in alphabetical order

3×5 note cards are a good size to post

Write in large dark letters so the words are easy to see.

How do I use it?

First, don’t overdo it. We suggest 3-5 new words each week.

Teach children how to use the word wall. Model how to use the word wall to find and spell words during your reading sessions. Use a pointer or their finger to read the words on the wall.

Use the word wall each day. Incorporate words that are already on the wall into daily activities. Just Right Reader subscribers get a new word game each week (Check your inbox for our ‘Super Reader Word Game of the Week’ emails.)

Make it fun, for more advanced readers, in addition to sight words, let your child pick new words from a book they just read.  The more relevant the words are to your child, the more they’ll be used and the faster they will learn to read and write them.

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