5 Reading Tips to Keep Your Child Reading All Summer

Advice from our Senior Director of Learning, Sarah Rokhsar

For most students, reading becomes more fun the better they are at it. My job is to expedite their learning process so they can have the most fun learning & reading.

Here are my 5 reading tips:

1. Read and reread

Revisiting a Just Right book always unearths new gems and boosts comprehension. Get familiar with one of your favorite books with letter/word hunts and just plain old rereading!

2. Make a book nook

Cozy reading is the best reading. Scout a place in your home where your child could read for hours, and build a snug hideaway to bury them in a book for hours. Have them keep all their Just Right Reader books and charts nearby. No-distraction zone!

3. Make a reading plan

Routine and structure build good habits. Make the most of your time by scheduling Just Right book time! Read your pack of books right after breakfast, each day before your bath, and on every phone call with Grandma. 

4. Make a no excuse plan for reading

That means leaving a spare Just Right book in the car or on the porch for when life gets in the way of your reading plan. Don’t forget to stamp your Just Right Reader chart!

5. Make reading social

Kids do best when they read with friends! Our reading classes can lead to amazing results. Bonding over a Just Right book can help kids jump reading levels.


I hope these tips were helpful and will help you guide your child into the rewarding world of literacy! When reading is fun, kids want to do more of it.

Happy Reading!

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