How To Prepare For a New School Year After a Wacky, Wild 2020

Advice from our Senior Director of Learning, Sarah Rokhsar

Last year was hard for parents and kids, and we know it! A few parents asked us for advice on how to jump back into school after a wacky, wild 2020. To make it easy, we figured we’d give you 3 things you can do to help you and your child have a successful start to the year:


1. Talk about it:

As adults, we are anxious about returning to work in a very uncertain time. Kids are just like us! We don’t want to ignore the elephant in the room. Start the conversation with your kids with questions. You may want to ask, “What is one thing that you're excited about going back to school?” or “What is something that is making you feel nervous?” As parents we can answer these questions too! The more we model that it is okay to feel all sorts of emotions the more we can have our children be open to it too.

2. Set Up Routines:

Remember alarms? Me neither! Time to ease our way back into school mode. Start setting alarms slowly.  Take it back an hour or so and then keep going back little by little until your kids are back on schedule.  Same thing goes for night time routines.  Start working your way to a school night schedule. Definitely add in some bedtime reading! It can help soothe worries and make bedtime something enjoyable.

3. Prepare and Practice:

Practice may not make perfect, but it can definitely help! Pretend that it is a school day and get the kids ready for school. Take a drive by school to remember what it feels like to go. Go on your school’s website and read up on your kids’ teachers together.  Even help your child write a letter to their teacher! This will add some extra excitement for the big day.


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