5 Reading Tips to Help a Struggling Reader

1. Get Your Child Books at the Just Right Level

First, let's figure out your child's level so they can read books that are Just Right for them. Just Right books are books that your child can read easily. Try using the five finger rule. If they get 5 words on a page wrong, the book is too hard. Choose an easier one and let them know that you'll figure it out together!

If you are struggling, Just Right Reader can help either by signing up for a Just Right Reader teacher session (Checkout our store) or by filling out our 'Just Right' reading survey when you subscribe to a monthly book box. We will help get the right level books to you right away.

2. Read and Reread Lots of Books

You want to read LOTS of books at their Just Right level and below so that reading is fun and easy. We suggest kids read for a minimum of 20 minutes a day (15 min for Pre-K). Remember the more you read, the easier it becomes and the more successful they'll feel. You'll want to build up their confidence, stamina, and fluency with those 'Just Right' books. We suggest encouraging kids to read by keep track of their reading minutes on a reading chart. For every 5 minutes that your child reads make a star or something fun! Then, they can see how many minutes they really read!

3. Read Fun Books to Your Child

Support your child  by reading them books that are too hard for them but just plain old fun. Let's build vocabulary and a love for books by reading aloud to your child. You can help them read harder books and enjoy some snuggles to continue unlocking the magic of books and enjoy some good old fashioned family time.

4. Build Good Reading Habits

Encourage your child to sound out words that can be sounded out (and just tell her the ones that can't or are too tricky). And don't forget to use the pictures on pages to help your child figure out words.

Praise her efforts and reread each book multiple times over the course of a week or two. When you sign up for our subscription, we'll send you a reading kit with a reading mat to help organize your books and encourage rereading, reading games to make it fun, tip sheets so you know how to help and more to make it easy for you to support your reader and for reading to feel fun.

5. Make Reading Fun and Reward Hard Work

Do everything you can to make reading feel easy and fun. If a book is too hard, put it aside and just keep revisiting the easy ones.  Reward their efforts. Reading is hard work and we want kids to realize that the more you read, the easier it gets. We like to let kids know that after meeting their reading goal, they can receive a prize. The prize could be a small toy, a treat, or some family time that feels special. A prize helps that goal seem attainable and celebrates the success that comes with it!

OurJust Right subscriptions include a reading kit with reading charts, prizes, tools, everything to make reading more fun and easy!

If they continue to struggle, ask us about our options for some one-on-one reading support with a reading teacher. Just Right Reader can help make reading easy and fun for the whole family!

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